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Beauty School Dropout: YSL red lipstick

Let’s not pretend that red lipstick is easy. That is a conspiracy cooked up by the beauty industry who will insist on referring to it as ‘classic’. As in the lamentable, ‘Simply pair this with a classic red lip’. Honestly.

Red lipstick is extremely frightening for many of us rendering, as it does, our faces cadaverous and our mouths pinched.

Here is a secret you need to know about this peerless red from YSL: it is not red. It is orange but it reads as red. But the fact that it is secretly orange (do not be afraid, it really does read as red) makes it more flattering, gentler on the complexion, easier to handle emotionally (truly) and altogether more accessible. Lasts for hours and smells/tastes/smells of roses. Grown-up yet modern. Daring yet – actually – easy.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick – No. 13 Le Orange, £28

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