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Beauty School Dropout: Living Sea Therapy bath salts

No one sleeps. Beauty School Dropout is not about to lecture you about caffeine and alcohol and magnesium and mindfulness and meditation because, that is not helpful. But she can recommend a tub full of magical Cornish crystals that might just… shift something. Living Sea Therapy Bath Salts are sustainably harvested off the coast of Cornwall, a place alive with legend; littered with sprites and spriggans and piskies and maybe they’ve had a hand in this mineral loveliness: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and many, many more. Sucks out toxins, hydrates skin, and maybe – just maybe – helps you sleep. It’s a bit of a lottery, this whole bastard sleep situation, but add this to the pile of remedies. Your arsenal. And just see…

Calm Sea Salt Flake Crystals Bath Salts, £18 for 400g

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