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Beauty School Dropout: Votary intense night oil

Let’s look forward to September when our skin will start to need – demand – some love. Summer is all well and good with the fresh air and the tan. But, as the nights draw in, skin can… shrivel. Sorry.

Autumn is the season for oils. Lovely, active, nurturing, naturally scented oils. And Votary are the facial oil experts. Beauty School Dropout loves an expert, taking the view that, if you try to be about everything, you end up being about nothing. They do wonderfully pretty little bottles of healing, soothing oils for around the £65 mark, but have now launched an Intense Night Oil with Rosehip and – wait for it – Retinoid. Now, retinoid is what you want to repair and tackle pigmentation and general wear and tear. It is nature’s restorer. It encourages skin turnover and collagen production for plump rather than prune.

The Votary Intense Night Oil backs up the retinoid punch with Avocado Oil for Vitamin K to reduce redness. Acmella flower for firmness and Australian sandalwood for wrinkles. It’s £135 but the bottle is big and will last about six months with a few drops used nightly. So enjoy that sunshine. Luxuriate in that golden tan. But hatch a plan for Autumn…

Votary, Intense Night Oil – Rosehip and Retinoid, 50ml, £135

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