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Beauty School Dropout: Smashbox clear lip liner

There are various things that make us look and feel deranged after the age of about 29. Ripped tights. Grey roots – or any roots. Very, very greasy hair. Super-fucked nail varnish. And bleeding lipstick. Bleeding lipstick is never good. It just looks so… desperate. So neglected. So deranged. So Miss Hannigan. But lipstick will bleed, particularly if you have those teeny feathery lines that act as rivulets, flooding the pigment onto your face through minuscule, insidious leaks.

Smashbox Always Sharp Clear Lipliner flood-proofs your mouth. Invisibly. Entirely colourless, it acts as a barrier, delivering a clean lip line with no hint of an outline. And it self-sharpens with a twist because who ever has a sharpener? Ever?

As for the filthy hair try Morocannoil dry shampoo because it doesn’t go on white and make you look like you’re wearing a bonnet. Shellac helps with the gnarled, goatherd claws. Colour Wow is an idiot-proof paint on powder than sorts out roots. And, tights? Well. Tights are bastards. And best left alone.

Smashbox, Always Sharp Clear Lip Liner Clear, £16

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