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Beauty School Dropout: TIGI dry shampoo

It’s spring which means we’re meant to start looking a bit less buttoned-up and rather more natural and… tumbling. So, somewhere in between uptight and fallen apart. Relaxed but not deranged. Right. But how?

In summer it’s all about hair and skin. Dewy (FFS) complexion and a kind of freshly-fucked barnet that looks as though we just rolled out of bed like a French ingénue about to be discovered in the tabac.

The secret, for those of us cursed with fine hair, is a day old blow dry (done at home in five minutes with the magical Babyliss Big Hair obviously), slightly back-combed (nothing too violent) and then sprayed with a beefy dry shampoo that won’t coat your head in white powder and make you look like you’re wearing a grey hair-bonnet. TIGI Dry Shampoo is matte and adds muscle. With a bit of a scrunch and a squirt of Elnett it can take you from lacklustre to lustrous with no blood, sweat or tears. Imagine that.

TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo, 238ml, £10.50

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