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Beauty School Dropout: Vaseline for Eve Appeal

Irregular bleeding, painful sex, vagina, vagina, vagina. If you’re not comfortable with these words then perhaps you wouldn’t be comfortable going to the doctor if anything changed in your hinterland. The Eve Appeal, a leading women’s cancer charity is asking us all to Get Lippy about gynaecological cancers. Talk about our bits. Establish what our ‘normal’ is. Boys can just side-eye each other in the shower. Women need to be more explicit, more questioning, more – as usual – grown-up. We have to be able to say ‘vulva’ without blushing because a staggering 60% of us don’t even know what a vulva is. Which is just silly.

Various brands have partnered with the #GetLippy campaign and are offering 10% of the proceeds from every product sold to fund research into early detection and prevention. And one of those enlightened brands is our old friend Vaseline. I mean, who doesn’t feel better with a chic little tin tub of Vaseline in every handbag/coat pocket. Lips, skin, elbows, heels, hair, eyebrows (encourages growth) and even the pervy stuff – slap it everywhere. Retro and soothing and cheap and charitable. Do good, feel good and get your bits checked.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original 20g, £1.50

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