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Beauty School Dropout: This Works my wrinkles midnight moisture

What is the beauty holy grail? Clearly it’s a moisturiser that hides the fact that we haven’t slept for what feels like 100 years. After all, we are in a sleeplessness pandemic and it feels like nothing works. NOTHING WORKS. Not the sleep hygiene programme: the not drinking caffeine after 1pm, the new pillow, the phone in the other room. Our bodies are tired, our minds are tired, our souls are tired, and so our skin is tired. Defeated. Deflated. Demoralised. And when she is tired, Beauty School Dropout misbehaves. Acts out. And so does her skin. Last week alone she had spots, dry flakes, dark circles and an alarming amount of… pouching. It’s amazing she leaves the house. Halloween was a blessing.

So now while she has a low threshold for gimmicks and blather, BSD has found something interesting from the lab of This Works (whose Sleep Spray and Perfect Legs Skin Miracle are already bathroom staples). It caught her eye because it’s called My Wrinkles Midnight Moisture. Not anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing, but rather “my wrinkles”. And she felt a little bit, well, seen. The ‘wrinkle’ range has been renamed and reformulated and features all the big hitters: an advanced retinoid complex, Hyaluronic acid and plant-based Bakuchiol to help improve skin radiance, reducing roughness and dryness. That’s the science bit. In reality, it feels nice, it smells nice and after a week she is no longer the wicked witch of West London. Not on the outside, anyway…

This Works My Wrinkles Midnight Moisture, 48ml, £52

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