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Beauty School Dropout: NARS foundations

BSD has a confession to make: she is here because she – supposedly – knows a bit about beauty stuff. But she remains really quite confused when it comes to foundation. There is just so much out there: so many textures and finishes, claims and snazzily shot campaigns. But foundation is a personal and ever-changing quest, she finds. This year’s foundation won’t be next year’s foundation because of shifts in fashion and in your own complexion.

So here is foundation for women who don’t want to look as though they are wearing daytime foundation; who are occasionally afflicted with spots and random dry patches (often at the same time) as well as a little light rosacea and a fear of under eye concealers that seem to nestle into lines and creases. Here is a foundation that is properly buildable; so you can smooth a little across cheeks or under eyes but then build it up to combat redness around the nose or to help cover blemishes on the chin. The shade range is excellent – and every women should play with two or three shades depending on the time of day, year and month although foundation ‘wardrobing’ is expensive. BSD uses Sahel (medium 2.5), a good start for those with medium, Caucasian skin that has peach undertones rather than olive or pink.

Best applied with fingers and a light touch, it is hard to get Nars’ Sheer Glow application wrong. It is just really user-friendly stuff that doesn’t shout about being there. Neither too dewy (sweaty) nor too matte (chalky), it is a welcome helping hand. One step up from tinted moisturiser but subtly supportive. Apply with clean hands, in good light, before leaving the house and do the rest of your make-up in the Uber/tube/bus/lobby/padded cell. Simple.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, 30ml, £33.50

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