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Beauty School Dropout: Slip silk pillowcases

You have to try these to believe them because I know what you’re thinking. ‘Silk pillowcases!!!!’ you’re thinking. ‘Bit Peter Stringfellow… bit Jackie Collins… bit slippy and slidey… bit stainy… in no way do I need these in my life.’

Hear Beauty School Dropout roar – with love – yes you do. If you are planning to buy yourself a present for Christmas (which, of course you should, as it may well be the only thing you don’t have to pretend to like), consider these because they are the gift that keeps on giving:

  1. When paired with rough linen they look incredibly gorgeous on the bed.
  2. They help prevent those sleep creases that seem to last forever these days.
  3. They stop hair going static and insane.
  4. They repel moisturiser so that, rather then rubbing off, it actually goes in…
  5. They wash brilliantly.
  6. They are highest quality Mulberry silk.
  7. They feel so delightful that you may come over all Marie Antoinette.

They are £79 each which is a massive bore. So buy one. All yours. Beauty School Dropout does not know of anyone who – having slept on one – isn’t obsessed.

Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase, £79

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