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Beauty School Dropout: Margaret Dabbs hand serum

Gnarled claws, right? But… hand cream. Discuss. Well, hand cream is evil. Slimy forever. You can’t open doors for… entire minutes – and you are always in a hurry. Glasses and mugs slip through your creamed paws. You wipe your greasy hands on your new dress and HOLY HELL. More stains. And, do you want to be the person who lies in bed and spends five minutes massaging hand cream in? Might as well put your hair in rollers as well. Hot stuff.

But, lest we forget: gnarled claws. Enter Margaret Dabbs’s hand serum which soothes and moisturises, harnessing kelp, wild rose and white water-lily extract to diminish wrinkles and age spots which, incidentally, the French call ‘flowers on the path to the grave’. Course they do.

But the killer fact is that this stuff absorbs instantly. It doesn’t hang around, making a fuss, being all shouty and making life a little bit more complicated. It just sinks in and does its righteous work. Nothing to see here…

Margaret Dabbs, Intensive Anti-Age Hand Serum, 30ml, £30

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