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Beauty School Dropout: M&S night cream

Whether or not it is true, why not start the year looking as if you’ve had some sleep. Looking as if you don’t know the meaning of weary. Looking fresh and peachy and… ready. And here’s another thing: wouldn’t it be nice if your choice of cream was informed by the needs of your skin rather than the depth of your pockets? M&S’s Formula Absolute Night Cream is the best overnight recovery system Beauty School Dropout has ever encountered (and we all know that she’s been around the block). Pumped full of anti-wrinkle, super-charged with moisturising hyaluronic acid and designed to wrestle with pigmentation and slackening (bad word. BAD), it is also £22 so you can reasonably slather it on without feeling like a profligate idiot whose brain has been raddled by worry and manipulative marketing. This is a truly sensible, effective and luxurious-feeling choice. Sleep. Bottled. Ish.

Marks & Spencer Formula, Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream, 50ml, £22 

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