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Beauty School Dropout: Kiehl’s cleansing oil

Does everything go in your eyes? Everything goes in Beauty School Dropout’s eyes. Hours spent teary from suncream. Bleary days with an eyeball coated in moisturiser. Weepy evenings from eye cream having migrated and inserted its stingy self into the pupil or the iris or the cornea or whatever the fuck.

So taking make-up off is a minefield. If you come home from work and take it all off to start again for a – brace yourselves – ‘evening look’, then how do you know that you won’t end up with a peeper stuffed full of unguent for the foreseeable. Which is why Beauty School Dropout had never used cleansing oil. I mean, cleansing oil is just asking for trouble, right?

Turns out Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil somehow gets rid of the slap without invading the eye. It’s an oil-to-milk formula, whips off all make-up, doesn’t dry out the skin and comes in an elegant, navy apothecary style bottle. And it passes the towel test; no mascara mushroom clouds on white towels afterwards. And you only need two pumps (!) so it’s not ruinous either.

Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, £32

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