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Beauty School Dropout: L’Oreal Paris plump and shine lipstick

There’s a new range of very summery, affordable lipsticks on the block and Beauty School Dropout thinks you should know about them. Now. Some may say that they have a slightly teenage vibe but BSD violently disagrees. She just thinks that they have a carefree vibe and, sister, she could do with a dose of that these days.

L’Oreal Paris’ Color Riche Plump & Shine range comes in a spectrum of summery, light-hearted shades; from entirely clear through to vivid yet delicate. They feel ultra-moisturising and tread that fine line between proper lipstick and something sheerer for those of us who are slightly intimidated by a fully pigmented pout.

BSD’s favourite colour is the Coconut Plump which is a sort of chic summer nude – more forgiving than a beige but somehow smarter than a pink and with a high shine. This stuff works well with a simple black eyeliner, mascara and bronzer summer face. No fuss. No overload. Don’t miss the Nectarine Plump which has an apricot-y brightness yet manages to be barely there.

The lipsticks are infused with menthol for a freshening, cooling feel that also stimulates circulation for kissy lips. And they taste… fruity. Watermelon, Lychee, Guava, Mulberry, Coconut – they’ve gone to town with the fruit oils. And the result is… well… kind of heavenly. For £8.99.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Plump and Shine Lipstick, £8.99

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