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Beauty School Dropout: Alleven instant perfector

Mosquito bites are, it is universally acknowledged, a bore. At the very least. And, I don’t know about you, but they always seem to bite Beauty School Dropout in the most inconvenient places. Eyelid for example. And, when it comes to the body… what happens if, just as you feel summery and tanned enough to expose cleavage or shoulder or leg, they implant their scratchy, tickly, inflaming poison just where your sweet spot is. If you have decent pins they’ll devour your knees. If boobs are your thing, your décolleté is suddenly studded with angry bumps, inevitably before a glamorous party or a sexy(ish) holiday.

Alleven, the body make-up experts, famous for the spray-on body make-up that Beyonce uses on stage and beyond, have come up with a body concealer in a proper range of shades that just… evens things out.

BSD’s tits were savaged last week – not in a fun way – during dinner in a garden and she has been left with welts. WELTS. But this Instant Perfector is making it all a little less miserable and undignified. And, once painted on, it’s hard to sweat this stuff off.

So go forth with your legs and your boobs and your shoulders and backs unsullied. Because life is complicated enough without mosquitos buggering things up even further.

Alleven Instant Perfector, 10ml, £61

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