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Beauty School Dropout: Kiehls ultra facial cream

Sometimes you just need a moisturiser you can trust. No nonsense about magical ingredients and miraculous results. No blinding you with science and wooing you with pearlised pumps and beautiful boxes. Sometimes you just need a moisturiser that moisturises. Efficiently and with lightness of touch. BSD can’t be doing with creams that take six years to rub in and sit sweatily on your upper lip for another decade.

And this is the thing about Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream; it is one less thing to think about. Fast-absorbing it is also nurturing. It is formulated to maintain the skin’s moisture levels around the clock and you can use it morning, night and anywhere in between. It leaves skin beautifully soft and is reassuringly unscented. It will hold its own in extreme heat or cold, heating or air-conditioning and generally doesn’t make a fuss. Brilliant for sensitive skin. Brilliant for all skin. Brilliant.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, 50ml, £24.50

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