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Beauty School Dropout: Nars ita kabuki brush

Listen. We are grown-ups, you and I. We have been in various on-off relationships with various bronzers for decades now. Some abusive. Others co-dependent. Some because we were seeking status. Others because we had forgotten who we were. Because bronzer is hard to get right.

Now. It may not be that we are choosing the wrong bronzer. It may be that we are going about it the wrong way. Because blending is our friend. When it comes to grown-up contouring, burnishing and highlighting, we need to work and manipulate the product to fake the facial architecture and glow that we want to project. This takes neither time nor skill but it does require a decent brush. And this means a decent brush.

Long gone are the days when a big, fat, massive brush was the answer. And even longer gone are the days when the brush that sometimes comes with the bronzer was deft enough. Because successful bronzing is about angles. Getting them right and then subduing them for a compellingly sculpted glow.

Try this Nars Ita Kabuki brush. There are cheaper and pricier ones floating about but the fatness and bluntness of this means you can polish the bronzer into place. It makes for controlled application which may, for once, look like artistry.

Nars Ita Kabuki Brush, £44

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