Jones Road What The Foundation

Beauty School Dropout: Jones Road What The Foundation

Let’s get to it: BSD has been complimented on how good her skin looks multiple times a day since using this tinted moisturising balm. It’s ridiculous. People are virtually double-taking. Decent coverage, genuine radiance and a barely-there finish. Total glow. Even with a hangover or after a maddeningly insomniac episode.

To start with you need to take the online shade questionnaire which one always feels cynical about but this one works and the Medium Honey Shade that the quiz recommended is perfect. Then the pot arrives and, wow, does this stuff look unpromising in the glass jar. Almost curdled. Distinctly unappetising. Should I even bother?

BSD bothered. Tiny bit on the fingertips and then rubbed in like a moisturiser. Done in seconds and the result is amazing. This is particularly good for slightly dry skin as the finish is a little tacky and shiny. You may need a dot of translucent powder down the centre of your face but the result of this highly moisturising formula is extraordinary luminosity.

If you are in a hurry (always) and don’t have time to let the slightly damp feeling sink into your skin (which takes about an hour by BSD’s calculations) then stick to other cream products as you finish your make-up (should all be done in three minutes or less, right?). So try a cream blusher and even a new-gen cream bronzer like Nars. Done. Peachy apple cheeks. Contoured cheekbones and jaw and this heavenly, healthy skin delivered by Jones Road. Did you know that Jones Road is the latest brainchild of make-up genius Bobbi Brown? Well, you do now. And, every morning, when BSD deals with herself in the mirror, Bobbi Brown is her hero.

Jones Road What The Foundation 35g, £42

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