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Beauty School Dropout: Charlotte Tilbury tinted love

Slowly, slowly, what a nightmare. No, that’s not right, is it? Except, that’s how it feels. Slowly, slowly… what next? Make-up, that’s what next. BSD has attempted make-up a few times this year – for a posh Zoom meeting or just to try to remember her way around her face and her make-up bag. But each time she looks in the mirror and thinks, ‘Who am I kidding?’ Make-up, the way we used to wear it at least, feels like cave-painting. Crude and obvious and, oddly, not very feel-good.

And so – as with getting dressed in real clothes and attempting to have an amusing conversation – perhaps the answer is to start easy. Gently. Keep it light. Comfortable. With just enough zazz to make it worth the effort…

With this in mind, BSD isn’t going to dive in with foundation or eye shadow or any of the scary stuff. Just whack on a good tinted moisturiser (Laura Mercier is kind of the queen) and then… a hint of tint.

Now, the point of tints is pigment rather than texture. They deliver a hint, really. A flush if they’re pink or peach. More of a style move if they’re berry. BSD is currently experimenting with Charlotte Tilbury’s new Tinted Love in Bohemian Kiss. A versatile deep rose hue, it works on lips and cheeks and it’s just a dab of optimism; a healthy pop of colour to put the bloom back into our faces. There is a huge colour range and they launch on 29th April. Just in time for our slow crawl out into the world.

No tackiness or gloss – this stuff has the texture of ink –  just a barely there kiss of colour that brings subtle polish, the lowest key glamour and a sense that all is not lost. Because all is not lost. The darkest hour comes just before lip and cheek tint…

Tinted Love, Charlotte Tilbury, £25

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