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Beauty School Dropout: Guerlain terracotta sun glow jelly

Often foundation makes it worse. The lack of freshness. No one wants to start corpse-like and end up Baby Jane-like, as though some kind of professional ‘enlivened’ our faces in the comfort of our coffin. No. In summer, foundation can sometimes cover the pigmentation, the black rings, the redness, only to settle into crinkles and make everything look parched and desperate. What we’re after is a sense of… bloom. Possibility. Newness. And remember this: the point of tanning is not to look brown. The point of tanning is to look beautiful. And clever tanning is fake.

Guerlain are the masters of summertime glow. They may not be an all-singing, all-dancing, shouty, new, puntastic, unisex, Millennial-founded sensation and they are all the better for it. Their bronzing range is second to none. Beauty School Dropout used to save up for the bronzer as a schoolgirl and still does. And their Terracotta Rêve D’Été Tinted Skincare Jelly is the answer for those glaringly grey days when your complexion needs help but you just know that foundation is not the answer.

It is like a second – healthier – skin. Full of Vitamins C and E as well as moisturisers and peach leaf extract, it is cooling and utterly un-sticky. The secret with this stuff – which looks, in the palm of your hand, like shoe polish – is to use it with a concealer one shade darker than usual and a cream blusher. Nothing chalky or opaque. Two minutes later, you look for all the world to see, like a freshly holiday-ed, rested person. Ahahahahahahahah. Sorry.

Guerlain Terracotta Rêve D’Été Sun Glow Jelly, 30ml, £36

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