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Beauty School Dropout: Beauty pie setting spray

Beauty School Dropout just needs to check that you know about Beauty Pie. Because you need to know about Beauty Pie. Because Beauty Pie is the great industry disruptor that has the potential to change the way you… beautify.

This online shop, which operates on a membership basis, is really putting the wind up the big beauty behemoths because – not only is the stuff made in the same factories with the same quality and the same attention to trend, packaging and detail – but it is also surging forward in terms of innovation. Breaking barriers, setting trends and making big brands blush. Scary. And BRILLIANT.

Beauty School Dropout has recently discovered Fresh Glow Breathable Setting Spray which doesn’t so much set as soften and fix. Do you find that sometimes, when you put on a full face of make-up – for a party or a date or an interview – you look a bit… hard? A bit.. .done. Well, this spray somehow settles your face; somehow blends your make-up into looking as though it was all meant to be. And then helps it to stay put. And – if you’re a member – it will cost you £5.28. It’s out next week.

But Beauty Pie is an embarrassment of riches, from a stable that is entirely to be trusted for its creativity, integrity and bravery. Even if online beauty scares you, at these prices you can play, experiment, get it wrong and re-gift. Beauty Pie takes the pressure off. Oy.

Beauty Pie Fresh Glow Breathable Setting Spray, £5.28 (members price)

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