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Beauty School Dropout: Hourglass brow volumizing fiber gel

There’s no getting round it; Beauty School Dropout is a brow bore. She believes that brows draw the eye of the beholder, frame the face, provide elegant architecture, open the eyes, help emphasise bone structure, add to an atmosphere of serenity (ha!) and generally possess immense sculptural value. But, as with most things, WHO HAS TIME?

If you are not blessed with a beautiful arch then either make an appointment at Blink Brow Bar (the best drop-in threader in BSD’s opinion, although Shavata is also pretty reliable), having left your eyebrows the hell alone for an entire month beforehand. Or, if there is sparsity and scarcity, then take a look at nano-blading. Subtle and – when well-done – miraculous.

But once the baseline is established, brow grooming – on a daily basis – should take all of ten seconds if you are armed with an excellent weapon like Hourglass’s Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. This is a tinted, buildable formula that will gently fill in any gappy bits and add definition. If you want an immaculate brow then this can elegantly achieve that. If you prefer a scruffier, beachier brow (the anti-Kardashian, if you like) then this is also your friend.

Oh and by the way, the word on the beauty street is that eyebrows plucked to a fine line ARE BACK. Hear me now: ignore that trend. Nothing good can come of it.

Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, £25

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