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Beauty School Dropout: Eyeko mascara

Sorry if I’m preaching to the converted but Eyeko is THE mascara specialist. Whatever finish you’re after (mascara wardrobe, anyone?), they can provide. So, if you’re planning a sweaty workout or some nasty sex or a falling into bed without cleansing (imagine, Vicar!) episode, then their waterproof formulations are unbeatable. But, to my mind, the Rock Out & Lash Out tubular mascara with its guitar-shaped bristle wand is the last word when it comes to fanning out lashes for a thoroughly fluttery, flirty finish. And it doesn’t fall down your face (imagine that, Rabbi) so you don’t look unhinged by midday. Start – using the rounded end – with the very inner lashes and work outwards three or four times. You can curl as you stroke it on, so you avoid that sticky-outy, tense office-worker look. Speaking as a tense office-worker the verdict is: Phenomenal.

Eyeko Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara, £19

Eyeko are offering all Midults 20% off what is probably the best mascara in the world (and they didn’t pay us to say this). Use MIDULT20 at checkout.*

*Valid from 4th till 11th October

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