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Beauty School Dropout: Johnson’s baby lotion

No one wants cloud prints on their towels. And morning-after black rings make one look faintly unhinged, these days. Less rock and roll, more get help. There are many marvellous, technologically advanced and expensive make-up removers. And many brilliant, innovative and pricey cleansers. I have yet to find a cleanser that takes me from a full face of slap to immaculately clean – so that is always a double action situation. I also have yet to find a better make-up remover than Baby Lotion. Cooling, fragrant, properly cheap, reassuring. Immediately delivers those satisfying panda smudged cotton wool pads. Follow with a hot cloth cleanse and sleep the sleep of the clean and the blessed.

Johnson’s baby lotion 500ml, £2.29 at Boots

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