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Beauty School Dropout: Estee Lauder sheet mask

Beauty School Dropout is not looking her best, to be honest. Apart from the cold and the dark and slightly compromised morale, she looks tired. She has looked tired for some time. Is this just her face? Most of the time she is too busy to care but, when there’s a party tonight, or a date, or a situation where she might bump into an ex and his (younger) wife… well, then she minds. And she minds that she minds. But, short of filler and one of those scary electro-pulse-therma treatments, what’s a Midult to do?

Get your hands on a sheet mask, guys (there are loads of good ones out there from Estée Lauder to Skin Laundry to Sarah Chapman). This is a facial in a sachet. Better, actually. God knows how but it lifts, plumps, delivers radiance, defined cheekbones and takes years off. Beauty School Dropout would estimate five years. Not bad for 10 minutes and £15. Drenched in all that active Advanced Night Repair elixir, it not only makes you feel peachy, it makes you feel optimistic. Can’t put a price on hope…

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask, £60 for 4 masks

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