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Beauty School Dropout: Earth Kind shampoo bar

Beauty School Dropout does not really believe in expensive shampoos. Sure, there are some good ones out there (Larry King, Leonor Greyl, Oribe) and pricey styling products can be absolute winners but posh shampoo? Well. BSD’s pockets are too shallow to use a forty quid shampoo every other day. Also…packaging. Plastic bottles and aerosols still haunt most of our bathrooms but it doesn’t feel so hot these days does it? Oh, actually, it feels rather hotter because the planet is telling us all to fuck off via plagues and fires and floods.

If only there were a fantastic shampoo with virtually no packaging that was also cheap. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE and acquaint yourselves with Earth Kind Shampoo Bars. Yup – like soap except excellent shampoo and housed in a small, recycled cardboard box. Vegan, they are made in the UK from 100% natural, sustainable ingredients. They are rather stirring to use – you slightly feel that you are bathing in a river rather than in a slightly shit suburban shower and they made BSD’s fine, badly behaved hair toe the line better than their smarter cousins. Frankly, all things considered, these are the answer: clear conscience, good hair day every day and £6.95. Sold.

Earth Kind Shampoo Bar, £6.95

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