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Beauty School Dropout: Kate Somerville Delikate cleanser

For the last few years, when BSD has sought out skincare she has had ‘ACTIVE! ACTIVE! ACTIVE!’ front of mind. Active! It must DO something. MAKE a difference. CHANGE the status quo. Never mind a little redness. A hint of peeling. That means it’s working, right? Hmmm. Sometimes, for sure. Other times skins, like souls, need a little solace.

Delikate is the new range from Kate Somerville, the innovative skincare expert whose range of products is always worth a look if you’re feeling lost in the jungle of cosmetic possibility. The Delikate Recovery cream is the moisturiser that held BSD’s hand through lockdown and the cleanser is an excellent non-stripping face wash that relieves redness and tightness, soothes stressed skin and will perhaps really come into its own when the world turns Baltic and the central heating ramps up.

BSD had slightly supposed that if she relinquished her glycolics and salicylics and AHAs then all hell would break loose on her face. Spots. Wrinkles. Gaping pores. It turns out the opposite is true. Just as we need a varied diet, we need a varied skincare situation.

This cleanser is a pleasure to use, leaves no residue and gives skin both a cleanse and a cuddle. And who doesn’t need a cuddle at the moment?

Kate Somerville, DeliKate Soothing Cleanser, 120ml, £33

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