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Beauty School Dropout: Darphin retinol oil concentrate

It’s not really about wrinkles, in the end, is it? It’s about skin texture and expression. BSD is less concerned with lines than with the prospect of looking disappointed and blotchy. The former can be dealt with via some artful botox and filler which, FYI, no longer means pillow cheeks but, rather, a dot in the temple to take the pressure off the nasolabial lines, a little in the chin to help with a sagging jawline – that kind of thing. If money is no object then see Dr Suha Kersh at 23 MD whose work with filler is remarkable or, more importantly, unremarkable because no one notices – they just think that you’re getting laid or that you’re happy or something exotic like that.

But we’re here to talk about texture and more specifically retinol, which is your weapon to beat off (!) pigmentation and the beginnings of that uncomfortable crêpiness; those almost invisible creases that are the enemy of radiance. BSD doesn’t use retinol continuously (as she does with the great skin plumper, Hyaluronic acid) but, rather, in courses. And this last month has seen Darphin Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate taking centre stage.

Darphin is a glorious brand; satisfying, elegant and effective. Most people start with their facial oils which are botanically charged but they have moved into profoundly active skincare and this stuff leads the charge. It comes in a pot full of little beads; each one containing the perfect nightly dose. You can use moisturiser over the top but often this turbocharged oil is enough.

The most profound effect, for BSD, was the difference in skin tone. Suddenly the redness around her nose was reduced. Pores seemed tighter and that micro-puckering appeared to be on hold. Do use an SPF for the duration of retinol use and for a week or two afterwards though. Or all the good work will be wiped out in one sunny afternoon…

Darphin Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate, £75

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