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Beauty School Dropout: Flower beauty concealer

Enough with the juggle. The transferring of this concealer to that handbag and back again. Enough. Because it has become clear that leaving the house without concealer is unwise. A hormonal spot may suddenly start to redden, a hive may pop up, a bite, a sunspot, a skull under-eye shadow, a hint of rosacea redness around the nose may ignite. In this uncertain world, anything could happen. And does. And inflammation is not going to get the better of us. Never again.

The solution, for BSD at least, is a decent concealer in every handbag (most women will have about three ‘working’ bags) and possibly one in the car. But it cannot be a £30 each situation because that is an unrealistic investment. So, if you have a tendresse for a posh concealer (Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion and Tarte Aquacealer have BSD’s heart) then keep that one sacred in your make-up bag. Then dot some cheaper but still excellent ones around your life. Flower Beauty’s Light Illusion Concealer is £8.99 at Superdrug and excellent: robust enough to conceal the horror, malleable enough to blend when you DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME to blend. The weightless formula has some exclusive blurring technology which means it really covers up spots but it also imparts a subtle radiance so you don’t end up with weird, matte ‘Tippex-y’ sections on your face. One in each handbag, ladies. Panic over.

Flower Beauty Light Illusion Concealer, £8.99

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