Beauty School Dropout: Hermes Blusher

BSD apologises profusely in advance. Consider her generally grovelling for the Marie Antoinette-ish-ness of recommending a blusher that costs £63. No blusher should cost £63. Her only excuse is that:

A) Blusher is really important in livening up the architecture of the face plus creating youthful glow

B) This is genuinely the best powder blusher BSD has ever used

C) It is a joy to behold

D) Sorry again

Hermes Rose blushers launched last year with little fanfare but, oh, the elegance of the brushed metal and cream compact: designed by Pierre Hardy who does that titanic fashion house’s accessories. It makes you feel rich even though you’re not rich anymore because you’ve just bought a £63 blusher. And, oh, the finely ground, beautifully pigmented powder which glides and blooms on your cheeks.

BSD is wedded to a shade called Rose Pommette which hits a perfect note between rose and apricot. We have all been educated only to apply blusher (BSD’s grandmother used to call it ‘rouge’ – so coquettish) to the apples of our cheeks but recently the amazing beauty expert Nadine Baggott suggested starting higher up around the hairline, above the ear, and blending it forwards. It totally works: much more flattering and much less doll-like.

As the light fades and the chill comes in we’ll need a way to warm up our faces without looking stripey or painted and this delivers a believable flush as well as a small dose of pleasure. Once again, sorry. But also, slightly, you’re welcome.

Rose Hermes Silky Blush Powder in Rose Pommette, £63

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