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Beauty School Dropout: Guerlain terracotta bronzer

It’s bronzer time. But then you know that. But which bronzer? Oh dear God the paradox of choice. How are you supposed to know which one will read as muddy or stripey or glittery or red? Red bronzer. Why is that such a depressing thought?

First, get your base right, guys. A really glowy, sheer tinted moisturiser which is, basically, your skin but better. Here’s a controversial piece of advice: go half a shade darker than your skin tone. Received wisdom tells you to go half a shade lighter but that makes for chalky and chalky is not peachy. Also your skin is likely to be half a shade darker in August than it was in April.

Bronzer is as much about architecture as it is about colour. Take a fat brush and sweep it in a three shape across temples, under cheekbones and under jaw. This will subtly contour without stripes because stripes are the enemy of dignity.

To my mind Guerlain’s Terracotta bronzers are discreet but effective. Never muddy, they burnish and polish without signposting their task. Finely ground, they disperse without clinging and going patchy. Their Healthy Glow Vitamin radiance powders wake up the skin with a translucent sunkiss. The best.

Guerlain, Terracotta Light, £37

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