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Beauty School Dropout: Cubid CBD peppermint oil drops

Do you sleep? Beauty School Dropout doesn’t sleep. Does anyone sleep?  I’m not really talking about back-breaking insomnia – although most of us have been through that at some point or another – I’m talking about disrupted sleep. Splintered sleep. Late settling and early, adrenaline-fuelled twitching. I’m talking about the alcohol-free beer/low-calorie ice cream of sleep. Nearly the real thing, but not quite.

Well, it turns out that CBD oil is an interesting avenue to explore, when it comes to those strange, half-waking hours. BSD has found herself in possession of a bottle of Cubid CBD Peppermint Oil Drops. The peppermint masks that hempy, oily taste which can be hard to stomach and this brand boasts a high concentration of the best quality Cannabinoids with – and this is important – absolutely no psychoactive effect. There is no THC present whatsoever. There are also no pesticides or heavy metals so this stuff is pure Colorado gold.

If you are a victim of the daily 4:30am wake-up call, then a CBD oil might be worth looking at. A few drops under the tongue and suddenly your chances of getting back to sleep rise steeply. With no hangover, no illegality, no smoke and no fuss. Tiny doses can also, apparently, help with daytime alertness and with anxiety too. But, for now, BSD is sticking to a little dawn dose. That extra 90 minutes of snooze is making all the difference in the world…

Cubid CBD Peppermint Oil Drops 500mg, 30ml, £34.99

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