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Beauty School Dropout: Aesop breathless body treatment

Beauty School Dropout may or may not have experienced a syndrome where by the skin on her lower legs has been rendered so dry and reptilian by the end of summer and general disgustingness that she lay in bed and her pins actually itched. Which made her feel very, very old and neglected.

And so she may or may not have got out of bed and limped (slight Achilles issue going on) to the bathroom to dig around for some unguent to sooth the skin, solve the itch and yet not stick to the (rather immaculate, it must be said) sheets.

Welcome to Aesop’s incredibly grown-up and sophisticated Breathless body oil which smells of blood orange and green laurel leaf: a leafy, juicy, expensive-feeling combination. It’s a slightly challenging scent – intricate and unfolding and soaks in almost on contact, hydrating and restoring suppleness. A pleasure to look upon, in its famous Aesop brown glass apothecary bottle, it is a particularly pleasuresome problem solver. If you’re looking to broaden your bathroom horizons, look no further than Aesop.

Aesop, Breathless Body Treatment 100ml, £25

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