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Beauty emergency!!!!!!!

Beauty. The world of beauty. The beauty industry. Beauty. It’s a fairytale word really. A knights and dragons, rescue me word. It makes us feel like problems waiting to be solved.

Comfort zones are my favourite places. But nothing grows there. Except chin hairs. And we Midults – in the rush hour of life – are not living in our comfort zones. We are re-setting, coping, waving, drowning, laughing. Our beauty arsenal needs to evolve as we evolve. Because nothing stays the same. So if we are wearing the same make-up at 40 that we were at 30 then it won’t be having the same effect. But if we were to go into a department store and sit on one of those stools and get ‘done’ then we’d say a nice thank you, then go home, cry, and wash off the newsreader lipstick and chalky concealer. Because beauty is rarely about a ‘complete look’ but about micro-changes that shift something, alter our perspective, help us handle the tiny crossroads throughout the day. Beauty (oh, how I wish there were another word) is granular glamour: tiny, incremental tweaks. It helps us look after ourselves.

So, to cut a short story long, The Midult is launching Beauty School Dropout every Wednesday. One excellent product at a time. To help you with the ‘be’ bit of ‘beauty’. Such a silly word.


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I have a few unhealthy relationships in my life. And one of those is with concealer. I need it but I hate it. I want it but I am deeply suspicious of it because it either chalks itself into wrinkles I didn’t know were there or it falls off after five minutes. Which is clearly a dereliction of duty.

Tarte’s remarkable water-based aquacealer has the blendability of a foundation but the coverage of a concealer. It is so highly-pigmented (it actually covers) that its texture can get away with being super light and malleable. So it doesn’t emphasise under-eye wrinkles like so many of its concealer cousins and it convincingly evens out any redness across the T-zone.

This is a desert island product: the one thing that can take me from ghoulish crone to presentable human woman. Finally I’m in a fully functional relationship. My shrink will be thrilled.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer with Brush is exclusive to qvcuk.com, £26.

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