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Your memory is better than his

Women have better memories than men. Even now, in Midulthood, when our brains are leaking information like Julian Assange and we can’t remember where anything is and spend considerable chunks of time in the nowhere place.

Researchers in Boston found that women with healthy ageing brains continue to have an edge over their male counterparts when it comes to memory function. Forget the hormonal, peri-menopausal haze. Still smarter than the boys.

Well it’s no fucking wonder, is it really? We have been practicing the kind of Sudoku exercises that ward off memory-loss for years. We are brain ninjas. We have been subtly refining our neural pathways since we were eight.

Because: We never forget a slight. We know all the words to every song from the 90s and the whole of Grease. We can list what we were wearing the day we met our best friends, started our first job, went to our first non-chaperoned party. That frosted lipstick, the puffball skirts. Who said what to who about whom in the college bar. A little GCSE German. We may have forgotten the names of some of the men we’ve slept with but we can remember some of the more intricate moves. Or a smell.  We remember why one man said he didn’t love us and why another said he did.  We remember the exact time our children were born, or godchildren were born, when our fathers died and what we were wearing and if we had moisturiser on, which we almost definitely did, because we would never forget that. We are woman. Some things we forget. But in the end… we know.

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