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Is your brain coping?

Oh, but what was I….and then there’s…by the way, we should…oh yes, I was just…fabric conditioner…can you help me think of…Oh God I feel…tax return…another chin hair…which reminds me I need to…anal sex…car insurance…did you see…I need to lie down…bread…dry-cleaning…weird text from…godchild’s birthday…where was I?

Is your brain slightly short-circuiting at all times? Muddled with more than distraction (I’ve looked at Instagram and Googled personalised stationary since starting to write this). There are just too many tabs open at any given time. And so everything slows down – like an over-loaded and vaguely diseased ageing laptop that starts flashing the spinning wheel of death many times a day. Well, that’s happening in my head. So much to do, too tough to separate the tasks and deal with them. One tab shuts and two more open up. The ‘review mortgage’ tab has been open for about 18 months while the ‘peri-menopause’ and ‘high-waisted trousers’ and ‘pubic hair laser treatment’ tabs have all popped up in the last two minutes.

If we are the generation that straddle analogue and digital, then we are loathe to kiss goodbye to an ability to memorise a telephone number but are equally ill-equipped to deal with the overload of both digital life and actual life. Nothing ever slows down. If we meditate, even that is performed in a kind of a frenzy. Meditation? Tick. Onwards…

Only we are truly aware of our own inefficiency – that is the big secret. No one would ever know how many tabs are open and neglected; how many things remain to be dealt with. We operate on a ‘need to do’ basis, deadline junkies to the end. Yes, it’s a kind of a high. But a bloody bewildering one…

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