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Who’d want to be a princess?

Wanting to be a princess is hopefully something that wears off in the fullness of time. Like believing in Father Christmas and being attracted to unkind men. But there are many women who declare, as though it is an indication of flourishing self-esteem, that they DESERVE to be treated like a princess.

One man on Reddit posted that his girlfriend kept insisting she should be treated like a princess. But what does it mean to be treated like a princess? Well, the Reddit users had a lot to say. Some of it whiffs of misogyny, much of it reminds us that princessdom has rarely been something to aspire to as a shortcut to personal fulfillment. Here are some of the ways they suggested one could end a sentence beginning, “My girlfriend kept telling me to treat her like a princess…”

“So I made her marry an old guy she’s never met to secure an alliance with the French” said one user.

“…so, when she gave birth to a baby girl I had her executed for being a treacherous witch.”

“So I had my dad essentially buy her from her dad.”

“So I started hiding vegetables under her mattress.”

“So I interrogated her and blew up her home planet.”

Maybe we should try something new. “Treat me like a CEO,” perhaps. “Treat me like a lucky charm, which, if damaged, will bring hell, bad luck, ill health, a ravaged reputation and probable bankruptcy.” Or what about, “Be nice to me or I assure you that I will leave.” Then everything is nice and clear.

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