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Which Meryl are you?

Suddenly Meryl’s on the telly which is cause for much, much, much unbridled celebration. Welcome into our homes Meryl, you terrifying mother of a wifebeater. Which gets us thinking… where do we sit in the Meryl spectrum? On the Meryl rainbow? Surely you must be asking yourself… which Meryl am I???

Kramer vs Kramer Meryl

You are in desperate need of finding yourself. You’ve always wrestled with the concept of responsibility – but you do look incredible in a belted mac.

The Devil Wears Prada Meryl

“Let them hate me, so long as the fear me,” the emperor Caligula is once alleged to have said and it is clear that this is a sentiment that really speaks to you. You could make flowers wither just by walking past them and you don’t even try to remember names. Your greatest weapons are your terrifying monotone. And your angular haircut. That’s all.

Out of Africa Meryl

You are an independent woman who will throw everything she has at your business to make it work. And if that involves shagging an incredibly handsome big game hunter to get over your husband giving you syphilis, even better.

Iron Lady Meryl

Just a girl with a boxy handbag and enough hairspray to obliterate the ozone layer, trying to make it in a man’s world.

Julie & Julia Meryl

VERY good at cooking. And bottomlessly cheerful.

Death Becomes Her Meryl

That is not the face God gave you, but you’ll do whatever it takes to shed a few years. Botox, fillers, the odd elixir of eternal youth – whatever’s big in LA right now – you’re up for it.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman Meryl

It’s true, you do look great in a cape.

Florence Foster Jenkins Meryl

“You’re an amazing singer!” said no one ever.

Mamma Mia Meryl

So you were once a bit of a slapper? Weren’t we all?

Into the Woods Meryl

Wow, you really can be such a grumpy old witch sometimes.

Big Little Lies Meryl

You feel deeply suspicious of everyone – especially people who aren’t very tall. You are blind to the flaws of your loved ones and sometimes find yourself screaming in the middle of dinner. Just screaming.  All this – and there’s something slightly funny about your teeth…

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