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When hell is a holiday hashtag

The hottest week of the year. The tube is rammed with wilting, inwardly furious commuters. You need respite – a break from your day ahead, working in a heatwave. So you open up Instagram and what do you find? #yachtlife.

Long story short, we’ve reached peak holiday brag and I’m calling it. It’s time to have a little – just a little – self-awareness when it comes to holiday hashtagging. Not just because it’s making all of us poor sods working throughout the entire summer lose the will, but because it’s lame #sorrynotsorry.

Don’t get me wrong – I want to see your island joy. I’m motivated by your beach yoga pics. I even feel warmed by your oceanside proposals (so prevalent this year – as one friend testified: “Eight different girls I know went for a walk this summer and came back engaged”).

But #yachtlife (445K+ mentions and counting), #privatejet (263K+ mentions) and #privateisland (a relatively modest 70K+ mentions) can bugger off. They’re just a smidge dickish. They force a beautiful holiday picture across the line from “Ooooh!” to “What a knob”. It’s a hashbrag too far. A bit too Kanye (who, incidentally, is probably the only person who can get away with this).

So don’t be that guy. Share the dreamy views from your amazing holiday. Show off the ridiculously wonderful cocktails you’re having for breakfast. #ootd that brilliant beachwear you look so fantastic in. But mind your holiday hashtags – they’re just making all of us back in reality a little too frazzled. And what with daily Brexit misery, relentless heat and the re-emergence of Boris to deal with, we’ve got enough on our plates.

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