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What would I pay for this?

“High street stuff is so cheap,” we still all bizarrely think. “I can have as much of it as I want. It’s practically free.” Except, in case you hadn’t noticed, that’s really not true. Prices have crept up – and while a huge amount of high street clothes are perfectly well made, this slow ascent means that you might end up spending a lot on, well, not very much. That is why it’s not a bad idea to employ a few tricks.

Set yourself a test. Take your chosen item off the rails (“I like this shirt, it’s like the one I have in basically a slightly lighter shade at home”/”Those black jeans I can add to my three pairs of other black jeans”). This is important though – do not look at the price tag.

Once in the changing room, try on the item. If you’re keen, ask yourself a very simple question: “What would I pay for this?” Make a decision based on how much you really want it/feel it’s worth, not what you think they’ve priced it. And then look at the price tag. You might come in under budget (this never happens) or you might yank off the offending item shouting, “No way, I already have this shirt in basically a slightly lighter shade at home.” Self-pricing is an amazing leveller – it eradicates that weird indecision which can keep you prisoner in a changing room for hours, desperately making a mental scan of your wardrobe to think what could go with these slightly blacker black jeans. It’s ruthless and efficient – and now you have an excuse to go shopping to see how brilliantly it works. You’re welcome.

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