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What your Instagram filter says about you

Clarendon –You probably have some stripy tights in the back of a drawer somewhere that you wouldn’t be mortified to find.

Moon – Does everything look better in black and white though? What are you trying to hide?

Reyes – You really miss the Seventies.

Juno – You are under 25, you don’t wear make-up, and you’re just showing off about it.

Ludwig – You’re a Euro and this filter reminds you of your father.

Perpetua – Nature is actually prettier in real life, but you don’t care about that. You’re that person who puts decking over their lawn.

Mayfair – You check the lighting before you allow your photograph to be taken. And your angle. And your hair. You are deeply exhausting.

Valencia – You like to give the people what they want. Natural peace-maker.

X-Pro II – Adrenaline junkie.

Lo Fi – If life were in High Definition, you might find it a little less disappointing.

Nashville – You’re drunk-posting.

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