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We have ways of making you walk

Are you sitting down? What are you even thinking? Stand up. Because we all know sitting is bad. Even deadly, if some studies are to be believed. It’s been linked to everything from obesity to some types of cancer. Forget all the other dangers of the world right now, even though it feels like there are a lot of slightly more, er, pressing issues. Chairs are the enemy.

The latest is from the American Journal of Epidemiology which says Midults who sit for more than 10 hours a day have cells that are biologically 8 years older than those of Midults who sit, well, less. All that sitting could make you Eight. Years. Older. Are you standing now?

Perhaps we should all be working for the Chinese tech company that forces all of its employees to get off their chairs and walk around the office – they are required to take 10,000 steps a day. Exactly how far that is depends on your gait but it’s around 8km. And if you don’t? Push-ups. An elbow-numbing 100 of them before you are allowed to leave work. We have ways of making you walk.

Yes, this seems brutal. Yes, the idea of marching around with our colleagues is at best awkward and at worst, like a military dictatorship. But wouldn’t it be a little bit of a relief for all of us who are JAME (Just About Managing Exercise), if we just had to do exercise? No excuses. No putting it off. No more sitting around. We’d be 8 years younger, leaner and probably meaner. Now there’s a thought…

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