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A warning sign. Thank us later…

Usually it’s the men that say it. Often on a dating profile but also by way of answer to a ‘Tell me about yourself’ question. They say it with a touch of humility; a dash of cheeky, a dollop of lil ol’ me. What do they say? They say, “I don’t take life too seriously.” It’s our cue, presumably, to think “Well done you. Congrats on being so light-hearted and good-humoured.” But a word to wise: Do not get involved with anyone who wears that badge of honour. What does this moronic self-sloganing even mean? Well, it is less a sign of sweet temper and more an indication that there is lack of accountability.

Listen, no one wants wall-to-wall sincerity but this is an excuse for childish behaviour laid out on the table before anything has happened. Yes, I’m largely talking about dating prospects. So, sue me…

Fast forward a couple of months and there you are again, sitting across the table or on the phone or on the receiving end of a text from Mr Doesn’t Take Life Too Seriously. And you are upset. And let down. And frustrated. But you find you have no recourse because he told you from the very start that he doesn’t take life too seriously.

It is a warning sign. It points towards shallowness and refusal to care very much. It does not herald huge jokes and great times. Most things can and should be treated with wryness when, and if, appropriate but this guy is telling you that he will always have the last word in a painful situation. Or the last words. And they will be, “I told you so.”

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