two-word horror stories, two words, terror, horror, bloody, missed delivery

Two-word horror stories

Two word horror stories*

Eye contact

Lunch meeting

Surprise party

Planned engineering

Sing along

Conference call

Signal failure

They’re here

Team building

Low carb

Record highs

Record lows

Unexpected item

You busy?

Quick word

Replacement bus

Friend request

Your parcel

Happy birthday

Linked in

Group selfie

Smart casual

Drink responsibly

Today’s substitutions

No deal

Please hold

Sleep well

Enter passcode

No signal

Mini meeting

Power cut

Just kidding

Uber surge

BT Wifi

Damp patch

A favour

Fire drill

Root canal

Caffeine free

Dry February

Reduced service

Black ice

Screen time

No returns

Missed delivery

Fancy dress

Restricted zone

Gas leak

Hand cream

I’m fine

Chin hair

Request timeout

Battery low

I’m disappointed

Knock knock

Dropbox full

Cash only

Natural light

*Inspired by @VeryBritishProblems, one of our very favourite Twitter accounts)

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