funny girl, barbra streisand, fanny brice, arms stretched out, arms wide, breathing space

A tiny bit of breathing space

You go along not catching many breaks. AT ALL. But then suddenly something happens and you get a tiny bit of breathing space:

A black cab in the rain

Yes, you all take Ubers now. Yes, this is old school. But do you remember when the rain was pouring and you had had a cocktail or two and had maybe broken up with your boyfriend? You were a soaking soak and then you saw the light? Exactly.

A restoration

Something that comes back from the menders properly mended. Or you get something altered (dress into top, let’s say) or re-upholstered. And it’s like you have a new thing. A new old thing. Hello old thing.

8 hours sleep

Ha ha ha ha, sob sob sob. Yes, this only happens every ten years. But when it does you feel superhuman. Imagine what would happen if you slept all the time. You can’t.

Domestic blitz

When the dishwasher is empty/when the bed is made/when the dog is walked/when the cat is being nice/when the place smells good/when the bath is run…

The no bra

You get home and take leave of your bra and whoosh there is a tiny bit more space in your atmosphere.

Surprise exercise (surprisercise?)

Bear with us here. A little window in the space time continuum opens and you suddenly think, ‘I will go for a run/do a yoga class’ and all the stars align and you do it and it feels AMAZING. That’s you done for a while. Tick tick tick.

The little dipper

In the absence of sleep, retirement money, a working wardrobe, soft plump skin or any healthy coping mechanisms, it’s really rather incredible what a bath can do.

The 30-minute window

When a meeting is moved just 30 minutes. And you can go on to The Midult. Or lie down in a dark room. Or even prepare. Hell what would that feel like? A break, that’s what.

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