not antisocial, pro leave me alone, meme

Time to reframe the narrative

  • I’m not anti anal sex. I’m just pro ‘REALLY?????’
  • I’m not anti support underwear. I just pro my internal organs and ability to pee at extremely short notice.
  • I’m not anti exercising. I’m just pro lying on the sofa, drinking and watching Sex Education.
  • I’m not anti meeting after 8pm. It’s more that I’m pro REAL friends who cancel at the last minute so I can be in bed by 9pm.
  • I’m not anti mansplaining. I’m pro using my own brain, thanks for asking.
  • I’m not anti confessions. I’m pro being kept in the dark where its peaceful and nothing hurts.
  • I’m not anti voicemail. I’m pro non-sinister forms of communication like texting, what is WRONG WITH YOU?
  • I’m not anti saving. I’m pro spending. Everything. Particularly the money I don’t have.
  • I’m not anti ironing. I’m just pro careful folding and hanging of damp sheets because it’s just as fucking good and doesn’t make me feel like a wench trapped in feudal laundry-based servitude.
  • I’m not anti high heels. I’m pro being able to walk.
  • I’m not on anti anxiety medication. I’m on pro-crush-the-mutiny-in-my-brain pills.
  • I’m not antisocial. I’m pro leave me the fuck alone.
  • I’m not anti monarchy. I’m just pro social mobility and meritocracy, FFS.
  • I’m not anti diets. I’m just pro not hating myself for living life and being who I am.
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