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Things we’d like to resurrect

When number one albums were a big deal

A mystery prize to the person who knows what the number one album is off the top of their head, which will be none of you (does it even still exist?).

Handwritten love letters on actual paper

Where are all the love letters? The revealing emotional depths, the charm of his wonky handwriting (can’t fancy a boy whose handwriting is too neat). It’s a shame, but dick pics don’t have quite the same consideration, vulnerability and romance.

Dinner parties

Where you met: people who you shagged/fell in love with/married/divorced/your second husband/your now business partner/best friend/future sister-in-law/person who got you a discount on the Soho home website.

When social media was friendly

Remember when Twitter wasn’t the sinkhole of humanity, but a nice place where you could ask a question or express an opinion without someone you didn’t know replying ‘F**k you, you stupid f***ing c***, how dare you, you should be cancelled for being so f***ing offensive.’ If only we could find our way back to civilisation.

Sleeping through the night un-medicated not being a thing

Once there was a time when you slept through the night without waking up the next day feeling like you need to tell BBC news/everyone you know/strangers on the street that you slept through the night. OK, maybe you were only six, but still.

Making not recording memories

Once upon a time, humans used to experience things that they committed to memory. This is because they lived and breathed what was happening in the moment. They took it in. They were aware of how they felt. They absorbed the detail. All without taking a photograph of it or filming it. They just used their brains. ‘We film stuff and take photos too!’ all the brains are shouting.

David Bowie

Because you just get the feeling that all this *gestures broadly* wouldn’t be happening if he were still here to hold the fabric of the universe together.

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