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The new relationship rules (by a 13 year-old girl)

If I were a 13 year-old girl these days, I wouldn’t know what was expected of me. There’s so much interference transmitted and so many ways to blast all the nonsense out into cyberspace. How would I know who I was? How would I know about boundaries in a world so infected by porn, Snapchat and virtual excuses for relationships? How would I even begin to define my relationships? How would I establish clarity? How – in other words – would I lay down my terms and conditions. How would I get what I want?

One America teen simply went back to basics, connected with her self-worth and her expectations and wrote a contract that was found on the floor of her school classroom. The grammar is shabby. There is a typo or two. But us grown-up women could learn a thing or two from her directness. She makes it all sound so easy. Maybe it actually is:

You cannot talk hoes

You have to talk to me all the time

You have to give me a lot of hugs

You have to buy me food

You can’t break my heart because if you break my heart I will break your face

You can’t break up with me I break up with you, if we have problems we will resolve them

You can’t hug these hoes

You can fist bump these hoes that’s it

You can’t be looking at these hoes

And guess what Midults? He signed it. Of course he did. She’s magnificent.

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