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The breaking point

What is the trigger? When one half of a couple walks away there’s always a thing. Maybe someone found someone else.Or maybe the BREATHING was too much to bear. You grew apart.

For one Californian lady, that trigger was Trump, and the fact that her husband of 22 years voted for him. A few months back, retiree Gayle McCormick was having a low-key lunch with friends when her husband dropped his voting intentions into the conversation. She was stunned. She’d never thought of leaving him before but this left her feeling utterly betrayed. Turns out it was a deal-breaker.

“I felt like I was fooling myself,” she said. “It opened up areas between us I had not faced before. I realised how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would never have accepted when I was younger.”

She’s not alone. A recent Reuters/PSOS poll found that 13% of Americans said they’d ended a relationship with a close friend or family member in the last few months because of the election. It was the same story with the IndyRef and Brexit, with families and couples barely on speaking terms after the result. Everything feels so charged, all these big decisions so loaded. They challenge what we stand for. What we will or won’t accept.

We don’t get to hear what Mr McCormick thinks of the situation. Whether he regrets his vote. Whether he’d change it given his time again. Maybe he even tried to make her stay. Nevertheless, she persisted.

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