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That witchy feeling

“Listen to your gut,” they say. “It will tell you everything you need to know.” Hmmmm. HMMMMMM. My gut tends to tell me one of two things:

You are too old for curry.”


Be afraid, run away, be afraid, run away.”

Ask an anxious person to listen to their gut and you’re basically asking them to plug in to the horror. Or the lentils. And which, these days, is worse?

But instead I get feelings. Funny feelings. Witchy feelings. And, like some kind of 1930s East End film landlady I’ve started saying, “The thing is, guv’nor, I’ve got one of my feelings.” Or something similar.

Where gut feelings are based and grounded, witchy feelings operate on a higher, more womany plane. They are almost spiritual, if you like that sort of thing. Great soldiers need their gut. Great therapists need their witchy feelings. Gut instinct is gut-wrenching, witchy feelings are slightly head-spinny.

But here’s the odd thing – the more in touch we are with one, the more access we seem to have to the other. The more we can look anxiety in its peaky, pinched little face and see it for what it really is (thoughts becoming threats), the more we are free to reconnect with gut instinct. And the more we are able to make our spirit available for conversation with the universe, the more the universe will chat to us.

Too woo woo for you. Too woo woo for me too. Nonetheless have a little listen…

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