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Suck it and see

How do I know if I he’ll make me happy? How do I know if I’ll like the texture of chia seeds? How do I know if I’ll enjoy dinner with those people? How do I know if that film will make me laugh? How do I know if that new client will be a powerful ally or a powerful ball-ache? You don’t is the answer. We all hope for a prize, but life is in the living. The experience. Which is why we say to you: suck it and see.

Let’s take sex as a for instance. How do you know if you really fancy someone before you’ve kissed them? You might like the look and sound of them, but what about the smell, taste, texture and touch of them? Well, you have to get full-on close up to establish that particular synergy. You have to… suck it and see.

We can put it another way if all this sucking is making you feel clenchy. How about, dip a toe in the water? Partake rather than spectate. Get involved. Not too involved. Not actually committed. Not signed on the dotted.

Some of us are cautious and some of us are reckless. Suck and see sits on the middle. It’s not avoid and see. It’s not fuck it and see. It’s an overriding of the automatic ‘dismiss’ reflex that gets more and more efficient with maturity. If you write everything off then you write yourself out of the story. And that is not the goal.

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